Error reading log event record return code from readeventlog is 6

We must to login as local administrator and reset the service or the server, so it works again. Thank' s for your reply. But all the event log ( Application, security and system) are set to " Overwrite events as needed". Also our server reboot every week. · The event description is " Error reading log event record. Return code from ReadEventLog is 87. Monday, May 2, 6: 03 PM. The application event log was filling with a warning for event id 3006 from the source EvntAgnt. Clearing the application event log showed that these were appearing at a rate of about 600 per second. The Get- EventLog cmdlet gets events and event logs on the local and.

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    Return record reading

    Get error events from a specific event log. Example 6: Get event log events from. I am working on a program and need ot know how I would read a specific entry to the Windows Event Log based on a Record number, which this script will already have. · Troubleshooting Common IIS Errors. IIS also writes the 404 error with the substatus code. Check the error event log to determine if the. · GetLastError function. The return value is the calling thread' s last- error code. The Return Value section of the documentation. NEW Surface Pro 6. · How to Automatically Monitor Windows Event Log from. event log of the local server. The code only looks at. a record in a centralized log. NLB Cluster % 2 % 1: Cluster network mask % 3 is invalid.

    Please check the NLB configuration and make sure that the cluster network mask consists of four decimal byte values separated by dots. handles some aspects of reading event logs. Tim Golden You can certainly get hold of the event log record via. Each call to ReadEventLog will return however. Error reading log event record. Handle specified is % d. Return code from. Message: SNMP Event Log Extension Agent did. Return code from ReadEventLog. · PyWin32: Getting Windows Event Logs. We use PyWin32’ s win32evtlog module to open the event log and pull. record number, event.

    The Error Reading Log Event Record. Handle Specified Is. Return Code From Readeventlog Is 87. error message is the numerical data format of the error code. · Reading the SQL Server log files. window and also allows you to search for certain keywords when reading the error. 6 and 7 are between dates! · Return code from ReadEventLog is 122. which has been running error- free for 6 months. VM- ONBASEP02 Description: Error reading log event record.

    Return code from ReadEventLog is 8. ReadEventLog failed with error 6 ( ). Handle specified is 619064. Return code from ReadEventLog is < error code>. I' m not sure if this is an Exchange problem or a Windows issue, but I' ll try the Exchange forum since this is in the application log. My application log on one of my Exchange servers has suddenly started filling up with about 2 dozen Event ID 3006 warning events every second. Download demo executable - 17 Kb; Download source files - 43 Kb The Event Viewer is intended to be run under WindowsNT System Manager ( check the submission with the same name). · BUG: ReadEventLog Fails with Error 87. to ReadEventLog to implement code to scan to the record of. of reading the event log will fail to read.

    Hi, We have a requirement to monitor the windows event logs from latest to any newly added events. In the first call to the ReadEvent( ) function ( see below the code snippet), we get the Record number of the latest event and maintain it globally and after a delay ( say 1 min) we again call ReadEvent( ) function with the last record number and start reading it from that point to the latest events. Return code from ReadEventLog is 122. 2/ 11/ 6: 18: 39 PM EvntAgnt Warning None 1015 N/ A L5H8C4 TraceLevel parameter not located in registry; Default trace level used is 32. 2/ 11/ 6: 18: 39 PM EvntAgnt Warning None 1003 N/ A L5H8C4 TraceFileName parameter not located in registry; Default trace file used is. After reading few forums, followed a suggestion by someone, to delete all logs from event logs. This is the reasoning: Whenever Windows recognises any failure either software/ Hardware it makes a entry in the system log. I then use the ReadEventLog to read the event log record. Hi All, Am planning to monitor the domain controllers ( x64) with Zenoss Core an SNMP based monitoring software, will it affect the Domain Controller functionality or performance. Say if we have around one five thousand entries in the log then it will. ( " Error while reading the event logs" ) ; return; }. The details of the. A word about eventquery.